Coronavirus Resources for Counseling Centers

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During this challenging time many universities are closing and students are being directed to return home to their families. University counseling center directors and care managers have the large task of referring their students to community mental health providers across the country. The Shrink Space has a database of licensed mental health providers located throughout the country. Please offer our website as a resource for your students to connect with providers for continued care beyond campus. Our providers want to help and they are available to your students via teletherapy even if we are not partnered with your institution. We’ve also pulled together a list of coronavirus resources for counseling centers and institutions during these times of uncertainty and need. See below for helpful links to various guides and resources for coronavirus-related concerns. Let’s stay connected as we all navigate this difficult time.

Links to Resources

  • CDC Guide for Higher Education Administrators on how to prepare for the effects of COVID-19
  • As you are guiding your students to telehealth services, you can reference this link for the list of states that are mandating insurance coverage for telehealth services.
  • The Hope Center resources for how to support college students during the COVID-19 crisis
  • See this list here for guidance for parents of students who have returned home unexpectedly mid-semester
  • The Chronicle on Higher Education is currently offering many of their articles on the coronavirus for free without a subscription. See this link to access both premium and free articles. You can also access this article on the latest developments on coronavirus and higher education.
  • Teletherapy considerations for students during coronavirus. Here are helpful tips for students who are making the shift from in-person therapy to teletherapy.
  • Licensure requirements when practicing teletherapy across state lines. This is a chart of all the changes to licensure requirements due to COVID-19.
  • Symptom checker link from Emory University for students who are concerned about whether they may be showing signs of COVID-19. This is based on CDC guidelines, illness severity and risk factors such as age and preexisting conditions.

Wishing you, your community and students health, wellness and safety during this uncertain time. Let’s connect at with any questions about our coronavirus resources for counseling centers.

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