Studying for Finals during COVID-19: Five Tips

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Schools are handling finals during the pandemic in all kinds of ways—some exams may be cancelled, some proctored online, and some turned into take-home projects.  Regardless, you’re likely still going to have to study for finals during COVID-19 and so we’ve put together several tips for balancing your workload in these changing circumstances…

Monotasking > Multitasking

  • We usually overestimate how much we can multitask but studies show that we’re not very good at it.
  • Try montasking with the Pomodoro Technique instead:  
    • Study one subject for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break, use the tomato timer to help keep track
    • If you get distracted by something, write it down and then keep studying
    • When the alarm goes off, you’ve completed one pomodoro
    • Complete 4 pomodoros and take a well-earned break!

(Virtually) See People

Connect with professors, peers and mentors over video. Even if you’re physically studying alone, reach out to your professors to ask questions and to your peers to set up virtual study groups. Seeing people will help you stay engaged and feel connected.

Routines and Workspaces

Whether it’s a big breakfast, morning meditation, or an afternoon workout, try to replicate the finals study routine that you had on campus. A regular schedule and defined workspaces can help you get in (and stay in) the right mindset.

Set boundaries

Parents and loved ones you’re living with may have a hard time appreciating finals pressure. Set boundaries and communicate them–if your door is closed, that means you’re studying; if it’s between this time and that time, that means you’re studying, etc.

Assess Your Bandwidth (literally)

With so many exams being moved online, check your internet bandwidth and equipment in advance.  And maybe people you live with can take an internet break during your exam to make sure you’re connection is as strong as possible.

For more tips on managing your anxiety during finals, check out this post. And if you’re looking for a therapist who works with emerging adults, go to  The Shrink Space. We have a nationwide database with thousands of therapists.

Kick butt on your exams!

– The Shrink Space

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