5 Articles to Support you During Finals

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Tips on Test Anxiety

Dr. Kissen, Executive Director, at Light on Anxiety, a CBT clinic in Chicago shares tips on how to manage symptoms of test anxiety. This article is not a one stop shop for curing your test anxiety for finals. But does a great job explaining the variety of ways anxiety can impair performance and techniques to manage it.

The Food-Mood Connection

Research shows that the food-mood connection can be quite powerful. “Most Americans are overfed in calories yet starved of the vital array of micronutrients that our brains need…” Nutritional psychiatry, a relatively new field, examines the impact food has on mental health. This article features Dr. Drew Ramsey, a nutritional psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University, that show the mental health benefits of maintaining a nutrient rich diet. More oysters please.

What to Look for in your Therapist

We know that the process of finding a therapist can be really challenging, especially if it your first time. We thought it’d be helpful to hear from a young adult about her therapy experiences. A therapy goer and talented artist, Matilda Heindow shared her thoughts (and art work) on what she views as red flags when looking for your next therapist. As therapists, we really appreciated 6, 8 and 13!

Nature and your Mental Health

The relationship between being outdoors and its’ impact on mood is well researched, but this study takes it a bit further. Conducted at The University of Michigan, this study discusses the type and the amount of time we need outdoors in order to maximize its’ benefits. Results showed that just 20-30 minutes of time in nature can decrease stress hormones, cortisol, by over 20% an hour! The only caveat is this time outdoors must be stress free, that means no texting, textbooks, or exercise.

10 Habits to Improve Sleep

Students in the midst of exams can have a complicated relationship with sleep; sometimes you might find it difficult to get out of bed to get moving and other times you may get zero zzz’s when you’re pulling all-nighters for an upcoming final. Consistency with sleep is one key to feeling well-rested and emotionally stable. Check out this article for ways to cultivate a more balanced relationship with sleep so it becomes easier to avoid hitting the snooze button every morning.

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