Minority Mental Health Articles for Universities and Providers

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July was minority mental health month! One of our missions at The Shrink Space is to improve access to culturally competent mental health care for all. We are highlighting helpful resources on minority mental health to support your counseling center and your practice.

Providers who are dedicated toward providing culturally competent mental health care, please join our service!

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JED & The Steve Fund on Equity

We love this list of recommendations and strategies developed by The Steve Fund and The JED Foundation. It is a framework for colleges and universities to use in their efforts to strategically implement programming to support the mental health needs of their students of color. We strongly recommend that schools download the framework and toolkit!  

Twitter Mental Health Chat

For Minority Mental Health Month, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) held a twitter chat #MMHMChat on July 29 to discuss the mental health stigma that LGBTQ communities of color face. They asked important questions like (1)What are some of the unique mental health disparities facing minority communities? (2) How does having multiple marginalized identities inform and impact an individual’s mental health? (3) What are some of the barriers and challenges for LGBTQ people of color when accessing care and talking about mental health issues? Visit the chat thread to read more on this important dialogue!

Dr. Alfiee on Minority Mental Health

Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble is a researcher, clinician, consultant and director of The AAKOMA Project. We are big fans of Dr. Alfiee’s work and the awareness she spreads on youth mental health within marginalized communities. We really enjoyed listening to The Curiosity Hour Podcast  where she openly shares her experiences as a black woman during her graduate training on several college campuses. She also discusses the importance of mental health for everyone and the unique mental health needs of our youth of color. Listen to Episode 106 on SoundCloud, or where ever you listen to your podcasts.

Minority Groups & Mental Health

This article in Healio Psychiatry is a collection of research on the mental health sequelae of various experiences of minority Americans. Read on to learn about the mental health impact of issues such as police killings of unarmed black men, U.S. immigration laws, and denial of services to same-sex couples.

Barriers to Treatment & How we can Reduce Them

This is a fantastic article written by the nursing department at The University of Southern California that details numerous barriers to minority mental health care and how we all (providers and non-providers) can take strategic action through education, policy changes, outreach to underserved communities and integrating behavioral health with primary health care.

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