Video Tips for your Provider Profile

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Increase your Profile Visibility

Uploading a brief video clip that highlights your clinical work is an excellent way for clients to learn more about you in your provider profile. Data shows profiles with videos are far more likely to receive client engagement.

  • Users spend 88% more time on a website with a video
  • Users retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% when reading it in text

Getting Started

With a smartphone you can easily create a quality video of yourself using your smartphone.

  • Use the camera on the back of your phone. The front camera is often not as high quality.
  • Film in landscape mode (horizontal), this format looks better on larger devices
  • Use a tripod to stabilize the camera. Or try using furniture or books to create a makeshift tripod.
  • Enable “grid” on your phone settings. This feature will help keep your phone level.

Natural Lighting

Use plenty of it, but not directly behind you.

  • Soft morning or early evening light is ideal
  • Try not to film in the middle of a bright sunny day, afternoon direct light can create shadows
  • It’s best to film yourself while you’re looking at the source of light. Try not to position yourself directly in front of a window. The camera may be visible in the reflection or make you look dark and difficult to see.

Film in your Office – Use a Simple Background

Messy or distracting backgrounds look unprofessional.

  • We suggest filming in your office because it is professional and helps clients imagine what it would be like in your space.
  • If this is not an option, we suggest using a solid colored background.
  • Be sure to position yourself a few feet away from the backdrop to avoid casting shadows on it.

Camera Presence

As you would in a therapy session, try and hold a calm and open body language, maintain good posture, and take deep breaths! Some additional thing to keep in mind:

  • Smile, particularly at the start of the video, as this will impact how friendly and warm you appear.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate clearly.
  • Practice what you’re planning to say in advance. This will help make your video recording seem more natural and relaxed.

What Should I Say – Get to the Point

You understand your clinical style better than anyone, speak honestly and minimize your use of jargon. This is an opportunity for clients to get a sense of your style and comportment.

  • Keep it brief, between 1-2 minutes.
  • Talk about how you work and the types of clients you enjoy working with. Remember this service is for college students and young adults, highlight your clinical expertise in working with this population.
  • Don’t just read your profile self-introduction. This is an opportunity to add to your profile by sharing more about yourself.

Final Touches

Free user-friendly programs can help you edit your video like trim content and improve sound. For desktop try QuickTime or iMovie. For smartphone try Splice (iOS) or Quik (iOS and Android).

Preview of The Shrink Space Provider Profile
After you successfully upload your video, you’ll see a video thumbnail like this next to your TSS profile photo

Ready to Upload – Check Privacy Settings

Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube. Privacy settings for Vimeo should be set to “anyone can see this video” and for YouTube to “Public.” Copy and paste the url into your TSS profile. After you save your provider profile, you’ll see a video thumbnail alongside your profile picture (photo above) and you are good to go!

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