5 Mental Health Articles for Students & Parents – July

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This month we are featuring articles that focus in on college mental health and technology. Looking for a therapist who specializes in college mental health and has a web presence? Visit The Shrink Space.

Therapists on Social Media

For many young adults (18-25 years old) today, mental health care continues to remain prohibitively expensive and moderately stigmatized. In 2017, only 38.4% of young adults who experienced mental illness received care, making them the least likely age group to access treatment. In response to this we are seeing more mental health care professionals turn to social media in an attempt to address these barriers and improve access to care. This NYTimes article features several therapists who are offering succinct and professional information on instagram and details how their audience is benefiting from it. This article also highlights the complications and considerations providers should take into account when posting on social media.

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Can Technology support College Mental Health?

Vassar President, Elizabeth Bradley shares how technology can help support college campuses in addressing the devastating and costly effects of mental health issues among young adults. Technology is frequently blamed as the primary reason for the increase in young adult mental health concerns, however research on this conclusion remains mixed. In this Forbes article Bradley suggests how meeting students in their desire for technology, in adjunct with traditional therapies, may help colleges better meet the rising mental health needs on campus.

Parents: Your Child’s Mental Health

As you start preparing your high school graduate to go college, The Shrink Space also provides you with resources to help prepare. In addition to our recent interview with the author of The Stressed Year of Their Lives, this Thrive Global Article is an excellent resource. Katherine Ponte, mental health advocate and Founder of ForLikeMinds.com, provides an overview of things to know, how to support your child, and helpful resources for you and your college age child. 

Mental Health Apps & How They Can Support Therapy

In this article mental health professionals describe a number of wellness apps that address issues such as breaking addictions, managing emotions related to food, and developing mindfulness. These mental health professionals also weigh in on how technology’s role in mental health and how these apps can be used as an adjunct to more traditional therapies.

Technology & FOMO

This article describes how “FOMO” or fear of missing out is often promoted by technology and social media overuse. FOMO can disrupt the development of strong social connections and contribute to symptoms of depression and anxiety. The author describes how our relationship with technology is still in its nascent stages- we are still figuring out how to develop healthy, mindful, and meaningful interactions with it. This New York Times article adds more color to the connection between FOMO and social media in particular.

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  1. Beth and. Aarti, I hope you’re both well. Thank you so much for including my article in this list of articles. I am so happy you learned of it, liked it, and found it to be helpful. I am also thankful that you mentioned ForLikeMinds, which I hope will help many students and their parents. I greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, Katherine

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