5 Mental Health Articles for Students – June

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Here are 5 college mental health articles this month that we think offer great resources. Learn more about a mental health resource tool personalized to you, how Kevin Love thinks about therapy, and what to consider when looking for a therapist who accepts your in-network insurance!

Sage: A Student Mental Health Resource Tool

The team from the Healthy Minds Network at University of Michigan and Boston University strike again, this time with a tailored mental health resource tool for students. The Healthy Minds Network conducts a national student survey on student mental health. Following survey completion, students can also visit Sage to receive a curated list of mental health tools and resources based on their responses to the survey. Director, Daniel Eisenberg, shares more about the mission of HMN and the launch of Sage here.

Kevin Love on Mental Health

Kevin Love continues to use his platform to normalize mental health and share his personal difficulties with anxiety and depression. In his interview with GQ, Love shares what he thinks people should look for in a therapist and how the Kevin Love Fund is working to improve financial access to mental health.

ConfIdence Box

These four graduating seniors from Marquette University were recently interviewed on Good Morning American after they created a self-care subscription box for their college peers. With inspiration drawn from their own mental health struggles, their mission is to encourage college students to think about mental health hygiene as a regular activity. ConfIdence, is a monthly subscription box hand curated by the co-founders and filled with items they have found personally helpful in supporting their mental health. https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/wellness/story/mental-health-campus-college-students-launch-side-hustle-62822012

Campus Chaplains Support Student Mental Health

Alongside the changing college mental health landscape, campus chaplaincy is also evolving to become more non-denominational. Chaplains are increasingly working with students on identity issues and general life stressors that are magnified when a student comes to campus. Vice’s investigative article discusses how campus chaplains trained in pastoral care and counseling may be an added resource for students as colleges work toward managing surging mental health care needs.

Ghost Insurance Networks & Padded Directories

The Mental Health Parity Act requires insurers to offer comparable mental health and medical coverage. Despite this, insurance companies make locating in-network mental health providers extremely difficult by denying claims, limiting coverage, and padding insurance directories with clinicians who aren’t accepting new patients. Insurance companies are also paying mental health clinicians less than other medical professionals for similar services. This article dives deeper into the ways insurance companies are violating the letter and spirit of the Parity Act.

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