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We created The Shrink Space with a mission to improve student access to quality mental health care across the nation. One of our goals is to reduce the stigma that is often associated with seeking mental health treatment. In an effort to address this stigma, we wanted to open up a dialogue on wellness and mental health.

We’ll be sharing about the challenges universities are facing to keep up with students’ mental health needs, we’d love to hear from students about what resources they want, and we’re seeking information about innovative treatment options, best clinical practices, and new initiatives coming to the mental health field. We believe a public discussion of mental health issues will help to break down this stigma, and it is our hope to begin this dialogue here by creating a space for psychoeducation, information dissemination, and discussion amongst clinicians, students and academic institutions.

Have something to contribute to the conversation? Comment below or drop us a line at contact@theshrinkspace.com. We invite contributions to our blog from all!

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Aarti & Beth

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